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Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed

Caring for the Future

The long-standing commitment to work towards the larger goal of conserving the environment and creating environmentally conscious communities, protecting and nurturing the weakest was formalized more than a decade ago, in February 2010. Resultantly, all social initiatives and interventions are undertaken through our registered NGO, Foundation for Environment Conservation (FEC) – (Reg No E-27162).


Our vision is the commitment to work towards a larger goal of conserving the environment, creating environmentally conscious communities, protecting and nurturing the weakest to ‘Resuscitate the Environment and all its Inhabitants including humans to their Natural Best!’.


Our mission is to consistently look for interventions through research, education, public awareness, support groups, like minded NGOs, people, volunteers to help us make a difference in the areas of environment, healthcare and education. We work with grass root stakeholder groups like communities, farmers, patients, healthcare facilities and workers and so on to bring a positive change in the lives and environments we touch!


Aarka is focused on improving healthcare. Their initiatives range from sponsoring patient treatments in urban and rural sectors to capacity building for healthcare workers with a goal to improve quality of service in medical institutes. They promote green healthcare practices in infrastructure build and operations. The company has organised fund raisers to seek support and create awareness for the cause.


Aarka has raised awareness about ill-effects of pollution on the environment, its impact on the plant and animal kingdom and its effects on the human mind, body and soul. They conduct signature campaigns and educational programs in schools, colleges, societies, corporates and community halls. They revived an ancient scientific vedic practice of ‘Agnihotra’ to re-establish the importance of combating pollution to restore ecological balance.


Aarka has imparted training to farmers on organic farming, composting methods, animal husbandry & live stock support for improving agricultural produce. In keeping with Aarka’s green ideology, farmers have been introduced to effective farming practices using organic fertilisers, nutrients and pesticides. Their social initiatives include seed saving and treatment, processing – storing produce, and homa farming to improve agricultural productivity.


Aarka is committed to reducing the carbon footprint with a goal to conserve water. With an eye for conservation, Aarka has continually taken concrete steps in rain water harvesting, mulching and irrigation methods as a part of their socially responsible efforts.


Aarka actively ensures practices to protect the environment by reducing waste. To accomplish zero-waste, the company encourages the three Rs – reduce, recycle and reuse along with proper biomedical hospital waste management and vermicomposting.


Aarka drives initiatives that support new alternate energy sources – bio gas, solar and wind energy. Reforestation and analog forestry awareness are an important part of the company’s CSR activities. In practise, they encourage more eco-focused architecture and interiors.


With social and environmental well being intricately intertwined, Aarka facilitates and promotes measures such as community markets and awareness about the rural and tribal culture to protect, preserve and support it.


Aarka advocates love for nature and protection for environment through community outreach activities such as shram-daan, nature camps & treks, nature photography, bird watching and star gazing.