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Architecture and Interior Designing


Our design team’s goal is to serve the hospital’s patients and their families by creating a vibrant and engaging environment that will allow them to easily navigate the facility, while reducing anxiety and promoting healing.


With 2.5 decades of experience in healthcare facility design and planning. Having consulted on projects ranging from medical, dental and nursing colleges to tertiary, secondary and primary healthcare facilities and diagnostic centres we bring in a very high level of understanding in facility planning complying to both National and International norms.


Our design teams from the high-end Hospitality Sector also add a flair of glamour and branding to the otherwise mundane facility designs. This adds huge value for the client within the same budget. Our Hospital Planning teams having worked across the globe and having an in-depth understanding of hospital operations bring in the flavour of that experience into the project.


All facilities are compliant to the national building and healthcare facility guidelines and accreditation standard both in private and public sector.

Some Architecture & Interior Projects:

Masina Hospital, SSIR, AEHI